Sunday, April 09, 2006

It's Super Sumo Sunday In Downtown Today!

There's still tickets left at the convention center box office for today's USA Sumo championships. Shove off time is 12:30 and the doors open at 11:30 - so hurry if you want to attend. This is the third time the championships have been in downtown and the second time they have been at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

** Sixty (60) champion sumo wrestlers from all over the world!** former World Sumo Champion, Koichi Kato (Japan)** current World Sumo Champion, Torsten Scheibler (Germany)** two-time World Sumo Champion, Sukhbat Agvaansamdan (Mongolia)** former professional sumo wrestler Wayne Vierra (Hawaii)** sumo teams from seven (7) countries** US sumo athletes from twelve (12) states** Special Guest -- YOKOZUNA (Grand Champion) MUSASHIMARU** Sumo referees and officials from Japan** Japanese dance and taiko drumming!** Enjoy Sushi, Sake & Beer while you watch!** Sumo Souvenirs and Japanese artwork.

Get tickets at the door on Sunday, April 9th. Doors open at 11:30 AM.

1 comment:

dgarzila said...

i am mad at you brady for posting this reminder so late.

i wanted to go , but by the time i saw this it was too late.

so i went tohollywood instead.