Friday, November 17, 2006

Is There Flagrant Editorial Bias In Los Angeles Times Obituary Section?

In today's LA Times on-line obituary section, there is an article about Garden Grove trying to land a NFL football team. Is the LAT's on-line editor making a dead-on-arrival statement about this proposal by labeling this as an... obituary notice - or is this just another editorial snafu?

Another city with NFL ideas
Garden Grove, no stranger to ambition, may try for a stadium where a golf course now lies.
By Dave McKibben
Times Staff Writer

November 17, 2006

And now, it's the National Football League live from … Garden Grove?

Orange County's fourth-largest city, a town best known for its annual Strawberry Festival, has never shied from thinking big.

City leaders once toyed with building a Las Vegas-style hotel-casino or a theme park in their struggling downtown. There was a plan to build a replica of London Bridge across a faux river, which later resurfaced as a plan for something called Music City Riverwalk, a music-themed entertainment complex. Middle Eastern investors once proposed an Oasis of Peace, a museum and cultural center dedicated to the late King Hussein of Jordan.

So, Garden Grove officials are now considering a late entry into the sweepstakes for a professional football franchise.

"We've gone out on quite a few limbs before," said City Manager Matt Fertal, "and this would be a pretty far-fetched proposal."

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