Sunday, December 31, 2006

LA Cowboy Pisses Off Miss Snark!

For those three people left alive who are still unaware who Miss Snark is, she posts an anonymous eponymous blog that enlightens writers on how to get and deal with agents and publishers.

She is also funny as hell.

She also runs what she calls a CRAPOMETER where she critiques first pages, synopsises or - most recently - hooks. Unfortunately for her, her last CRAPOMETER had a ... staggering... 682 submissions that she both read - and critiqued!

And after all of that work and resultant chaos in her life - of course some smart ass had to ask her the obvious question.

And that smart ass was... of course... me!

See above link for particulars.

And if you want to see - and hear - how all us loyal Snarklings really feel about Miss Snark - click on the below YOUTUBE video:

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