Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Is New York 'Over' And LA Now It? That's What Paper Magazine Says In New York Times!

In a New York Times article chronicling the excesses of New York's Fashion Week - the following paragraphs make for provocative reading:

It may seem odd to say so, but as much as the hundreds of shows and presentations that will take place over the next week are officially about the trade in garments, something more important is being tested during these twice-yearly cycles. That is the belief, perhaps a fantasy at this point, that New York is still a culturally necessary place.

It is not just Mr. Hammerstein and a few aging downtown types who have been scratching their heads lately about what became of the yeasty city whose great historical virtue was its surprisingly relaxed relationship to the boundaries between high and low. Paper magazine dedicated its latest issue to the thriving art and fashion scenes in Los Angeles.

“The energy in L.A. feels so amazing right now,” said Kim Hastreiter, an editor of Paper. “New York feels like a stagnant city that doesn’t have artists in it anymore, because the artists have to have trust funds to live here.” Not that a person with a trust fund, she added, can’t be good.

Now with the yet to be officially announced 'new' Los Angeles Fashion Week Downtown debuting next month - it will be curious to how the press will respond to that event.

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