Thursday, March 13, 2008

Six Theaters Of Free Comedy TONIGHT On Art Walk!

THURSDAY March 13th 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Yes, for the third month in a row - Comedy Walk comes to the Downtown Art Walk! 90 minutes of top comics performing in six venues within half-a-block of 5th and Spring Street - including the historic Palm Court Ballroom at the Alexandria Hotel and the new Los Angeles Theatre Center.

Program schedule and venues for this Thursday, March 13th, 8:30pm-10pm
for COMEDY WALK are below...



*Rebecca Addelman, Mario Artiga, *Joe Bartnick, *Peter Berman, *Pat
Boccuzzi, Travis Clark, Competitive Awesome (sketch), *Daniel Dominguez,
*Ian Edwards, Dickie Funkbuckle, Marly Halpern-Graser, Gerry Katzman,
Andy Kern, Shaun Latham, Laughs on Demand (improv), Erik Lundy, Vanda
Mikoloski, *The Mooney Twins, The Mutiny (improv), Mike Nielsen, Red
Herring (improv), *Melanie Reno, Iliza Schlesinger, Mikey Scott, Scott
Vinci (music), *Joe Wilson, *Elisha Yaffe


Venue #1
Downtown Comedy Club
Alexandria Hotel Palm Court Ballroom
501 S Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
200-seat club
Hosts: Garrett Morris & Kevin Garnier
8:25pm Host Warm-Up
8:30pm Mario Artiga
8:40pm Joe Wilson
8:50pm Competitive Awesome
9:00pm Pat Boccuzzi
9:10pm Joe Bartnick
9:20pm The Mooney Twins
9:30pm Dickie Funkbuckle
9:40pm Ian Edwards
9:50pm Peter Berman
10:00pm Garrett Morris

Venue #2
The Chicken Room
214 W. 5th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
1,000-sq.ft SRO
Host: Pam Van Zandt
8:25pm Host Warm-Up
8:30pm Erik Lundy
8:40pm Laughs on Demand
8:50pm Shaun Latham
9:00pm Travis Clark
9:10pm Melanie Reno
9:20pm Andy Kern
9:30pm Marly Halpern-Graser
9:40pm Rebecca Addleman
9:50pm Joe Wilson
10:00pm Goodnight

Venue #3
The New LATC
Los Angeles Theater Center
514 S. Spring St., Theater #4
Los Angeles, CA 90013
80-seat cabaret
Host: Kimberly Douglas
8:25pm Host Warm-Up
8:30pm Red Herring
8:40pm Andy Kern
8:50pm Mikey Scott
9:00pm Peter Berman
9:10pm Mike Nielsen
9:20pm Scott Vinci
9:30pm Elisha Yaffe
9:40pm Travis Clark
9:50pm The Mooney Twins
10:00pm Goodnight

Venue #4
Wyatt Earp Room
Alexandria Building
212 W. 5th Steet
Los Angeles, CA 90013
1,000 sq. ft. SRO
Host: Amy Asmuth
8:25pm Host Warm-Up
8:30pm Dan Dominguez
8:40pm The Mutiny
8:50pm Elisha Yaffe
9:00pm Erik Lundy
9:10pm Gerry Katzman
9:20pm Mario Artiga
9:30pm Laughs on Demand
9:40pm Vanda Mikoloski
9:50pm Iliza Schlesinger
10:00pm Goodnight

Venue #5
The Onion Room
Spring Arts Tower
207 W. 5th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
1,400 sq. ft. SRO
Host: Stefany Northcutt
8:25pm Host Warm-Up
8:30pm Mike Nielsen
8:40pm Iliza Schlesinger
8:50pm Dickie Funkbuckle
9:00pm Ian Edwards
9:10pm Red Herring
9:20pm Competitive Awesome
9:30pm Pat Boccuzzi
9:40pm Mikey Scott
9:50pm Joe Bartnick
10:00pm Goodnight

Venue #6
The Backstage
Spring Arts Tower
211 W. 5th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
1,600 sq. ft. SRO
Host: Heather Ignacio
8:25pm Host Warm-Up
8:30pm Scott Vinci
8:40pm Vanda Mikoloski
8:50pm Rebecca Addleman
9:00pm Marly Halpern-Graser
9:10pm Dan Dominquez
9:20pm The Mutiny
9:30pm Gerry Katzman
9:40pm Shaun Latham
9:50pm Melanie Reno
10:00pm Goodnight

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