Thursday, May 08, 2008

Free Comedy Walk Downtown TONIGHT During Art Walk! 8:30 PM - 10 PM Thursday May 8th

COMEDY WALK is the biggest monthly comedy event in Los Angeles and happens during the Gallery Row Art Walk. Now in its fifth month running, Thursday, May 8th, 2008. A Los Angeles Times "Best Bet". PLEASE PASS THE WORD ALONG!


WHEN: Thursday, May 8th, 2008, 8:30pm to 10pm, 2nd Thursday each month.

WHAT: COMEDY WALK is the biggest comedy walk event in the world, a family-friendly show.

WHO: Each month COMEDY WALK presents 25 of the hottest upbeat comedy acts in Los Angeles selected from comedy clubs, television and radio.

WHERE: The New Los Angeles Theatre Complex, 504 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles, and 5 other nearby downtown locations including the ballroom of the ALexandria Hotel and three storefronts along 5th Street just west of Spring in the Spring Arts Tower. All venues within 1/2 block of each other!

Six simultaneous 90-minute shows. Neighborhood parking $6 or free on the street.

WHY: See your favorite hottest comedians all in one night. Join thousands of people crowding the streets of L.A. the second Thursday of each month.

Featured performers this month are Stevie Mack, Gayla Johnson and Laurie McDermott. Stevie Mack has performed at Last Comic Standing, BET, Comedy Central, UPN, and SpikeTV. Gayla Johnson has performed at The HaHa, Comedy Store, the Improv, Ice House, B.E.T, Comedy Central, and SiTV. Laurie McDermott has performed at HBO Comic Relief and Lifetime TV Mom Comics.


1. Abel Arias - a regular on "The Cathy Lewis Show"
2. Philip Bach - The HaHa.
3. Jackie "Fabulous" Champagnie - Downtown Comedy Club, Laugh Factory, Ice House
4. Jamal Doman - BET, ComicView, SiTV, Latino Laugh Festival, The Magic Hour, Showtime, At the Apollo.
5. Dan Dominguez - Verizon Network
6. Jason Dudey - Hosts GaysRUs at the Hollywood Improv.
7. Christy Eidson - Southern fried humor.
8. Shereen Faltas - Ice House, the Improv, Comedy Store.
9. Nick Hoff - Comedy Uniion, Hollywood Improv, Ice House Annex.
10. Jeffrey Isaak - The HaHa, Comedy Store, the Improv.
11. Gayla Johnson - The HaHa, Comedy Store, the Improv, Ice House, B.E.T, Comedy Central, SiTV.
12. Andy Konigsmark - Ice House Annex.
13. Stevie Mack - Last Comic Standing, BET, Comedy Central, UPN, SpikeTV.
14. Madd Marv - Funny guy
15. Laurie McDermott - HBO Comic Relief and Lifetime TV Mom Comics.
16. Dave Mishevitz - Comedy Store.
17. Tim Powers - has shared the stage with Sean Young and Chris Rock
18. Alishia Simmons - from Newark, earthy comedy.
19. Ron Swallow -
20. Mike Truesdale - Hollywood Improv, the HaHa Cafe.
21. Willis Turner -
22. Scott Vinci - guitar comedy. Will Ferrell's
23. Tara Walden - Rocky's, Ice House Annex
24. Joe Wilson -
25. Bill Word - National Lampoon Comedy Radio.

COMEDY WALK promotes comedy, downtown, and diversity.

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