Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Washingtonians Menanced By Crazed Nocturnal Flying Squirrels!

As if millions of people showing up for the inauguration isn't enough to drive the residents of the greater Washington DC area nuts - they now have to deal with squirrels driven mad by the total lack of acorns this year.

Below are the two 'nut' grafs:

Rachel Tolman, a naturalist at Long Branch, smeared a big glop of peanut butter on one of the nature center's trees. She grabbed handfuls of store-bought hazelnuts and placed them atop boxes to attract the tiny, nocturnal flying squirrels that tend to mass in the oaks every winter. Within seconds, the squirrels dive-bombed in from nearby trees, legs outstretched like fist-size silvery-gray sky divers. "They're so much more willing to be seen this year," Tolman said. "It's because they're so hungry."

Hazelnuts gone and peanut butter licked clean, the still-hungry flying squirrels scampered high into the tree canopy and chirped angrily for more.

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