Sunday, March 08, 2009

I Didn't Mean To Make This A What The Hell Is Happening At The LA Times Weekend - But - When Did Lincoln Height's Avenues Become Part Of Downtown?

With the 'ID the neighborhoods project' going on at the LAT - how can a man be killed in Downtown in one sentence - and then also killed in Lincoln Heights in the next sentence? And yes, that area is NEAR Downtown - but it is - as the story says - in Lincoln Heights.

Police are searching for killer of homeless man
4:42 PM | March 8, 2009

Los Angeles police are continuing to search for a suspect in the stabbing death of a 66-year-old homeless man downtown over the weekend.

Carlos Green was pushing a shopping cart on the sidewalk on Avenue 19 in Lincoln Heights about 11 a.m. Saturday when he was attacked by an unknown assailant who stabbed him several times, according to Los Angeles police.


Julio Chavez said...

I'd like to know when Echo Park and Silver Lake became "The Eastside". I was born and raised in LA and to me the eastside was Boyle Heights, Belvedere and City Terrace (I know the last two are in LA County, but they're still east of Downtown). Now I hear all these hipsters calling the neighborhoods northwest of Downtown "The Eastside". There's even a blog about Echo Park called "The Eastsider". What gives?

Brady Westwater said...

And "The Eastsider" is a superb blog. It's just not about the Eastside.