Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why Isn't The US - And World Press - Headling The London Times Story Proving the Election In Iran Was Stolen?

And why did the London Times bury this is the middle of their story - and give so few details of the poll?

"Private polling of 5,000 voters conducted for the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and seen by The Sunday Times, suggested the reformist candidate would win at least 58% of votes across Iran. However, the official result gave him just under 34%."

This proves who has fixed this election. This story needs to be gotten to the people of Iran. But even the paper that has the story - has dropped it from the new stories

They also don't break down the figures for the other candidates. The US and world press needs to keep the facts of how this election was stolen on their front pages and and give support to the people of Iran in their efforts to overturn this election.


Primo said...

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49erDweet said...

I would suggest the reason the national press hasn't paid closer attention to details of the Iranian election is because the results did not support an approved narrative. Less said about it the better. Only freedom loving fools would be interested, and that lot no longer count. Imo