Monday, August 03, 2009

Update On Fashion Walk And Broadway Walk!

Less than two weeks ago, I posted a call for cultural organizations and fashion businesses to join us in launching a beta version of a Fashion Walk and a Broadway Walk on the third Thursday of each month - starting August 20th.

And we now have... over 110... individuals, businesses and organizations joining us for our first effort - and we haven't even sent out a press release - or put up a website.

So - what happened?

Well, first, Erin Magner of RACKED LA linked to the story...

... and 24 hours later - the story made the front page of the Los Angeles Times website. Adam Tschorn, of the LAT's Fashion blog ALL THE RAGE, posted his story on the event - and linked to each of the other blog posts and his post ended up on the front page of the LAT site for much of the day.

The rest - as they say - is history.

So we now have a very long list of press and media (longer than for any event for which I had actually solicited press) waiting to get our formal announcement.

But first we need to hear from everyone who has wants to appear or show in the two new Walks. We want to get everyone we can in that first release.

So try and get us all your final proposals by this weekend, if possible, or at least tell us what you already know you can do so far.

We can still take additions after that - but this weekend is the deadline for anyone who wants to be on the first version of the website and in our first full press release.


Brady Westwater

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