Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My First Huffington Post Column; How to Save the Los Angeles Times, End Rush Hour Traffic, Solve the Housing Crisis (And Not Have to Pay For It)

(This is the first of six columns on traffic and housing in Los Angeles)

Two of the most important decisions any of us ever make is where we decide to live and what job we choose to accept. Rush hour traffic, however, proves how wrong we all can be.

But it is hard to make informed choices when there are so many housing options within 20 miles of any job. And if you fall in love with a house - it's hard to know what jobs might be within commuting distance.

There are also those who are trapped in homes or jobs that are no longer right for them - but who stick with them because they are too exhausted from day-to-day life to summon the energy to fix their lives.

But in chaos - exists opportunity.

Someday, a local media company - such as the LA Times or Rubicon - or someone such as Jay Penske - will realize there is a need for a website that contains everything anyone in Los Angeles needs to correctly make those decisions.

A single site with every possible housing option in greater Los Angeles - and every imaginable job option.

A site with public school test scores, statistics for charter and private schools, locations of medical facilities, churches & temples - and everything else (crime rates, air pollution, etc.) anyone needs to know.

A site that ranks every job and housing option - based on your needs - and then - and here's the first killer app - it sorts them first by the physical distance, and then by real world, rush hour commuting time distance by car and then by every different transit option - between each job and every housing option.

Everyone will suddenly have far more options - while also being able to quickly reduce the numbers of those options to more manageable numbers.

But helping people already looking for a new job or a home is only the start.


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