Saturday, February 27, 2010

Beverly Hills Fashion Week Cancels - Downtown's Spring Arts Tower Show Expands To Meet Need

The last minute postponement of the new Beverly Hills Fashion Week - which was last year's Downtown Fashion Week at MOCA - has abruptly left many designers with no place to show at a time when fewer venues than normal were already scheduled to hold runway shows.  

Luckily, that pre-existing shortage had already caused the Spring Arts Tower owner, Paul Su, to make his just restored 8,000 foot 1914 Citizen's Bank space at 5th and Spring - with over 20 foot ceilings - available to the Downtown Fashion Walk to host runway shows by designers who did not have a place to show - or who could not afford to pay the fees to show elsewhere.

That space will now host multiple major designer shows on not just one day, but on two or more days of Los Angeles Fashion Week, depending on the need.  Showings of the space to designers for runway shows or other installations will be taking place all this weekend by appointment.  Other producers are also encouraged to participate in using the space during Fashion Week.

To see the space or get more information - call Brady Westwater at 213-804-8396.

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