Wednesday, June 09, 2010

$25 Artist & Vendor spaces at June 10th Thursday Art Walk and June 17th Fashion Walk!

Thursday June 10th Downtown Art Walk Vendor Booths – Onetime special price of $25!
After the PE Lofts ground floor at 6th and Main was closed for 3 months –  it reopens  to artists, clothing designers, jewelry and creative retailers this Thursday June 10th Art Walk - when 25,000 people will fill the streets of Historic Downtown  and Gallery Row - and on next Thursday’s Fashion Walk on June 17th. 

Since the all glass ground floor retail space is just now available, prices to show will be far below usual.  Only $25 will changed for each space - AND each vendor or artist needs to bring their own table or easels or racks, their own lighting and their own extension cords.  Set ups start at 4 PM during the day Thursday June 10th and doors open to the public at 6 PM until 10:30 PM.

For more information contact  or call 213-804-8396.

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