Thursday, March 31, 2011

Need Pharmacy with 30 MG generic adderall in stock - or new dopamine or norepinephrine agonist drug

Does any know of a pharmacy that still has 30 MG generic adderall in stock?  It's the only thing that still keeps me functioning now that all of my dopamine agonist drugs have stopped working.  Now I do not know if I have been on an 'authorized' generic or not - but would like to know if that is available, too.  I am the only person my neurologist has on this drug so he does not have a relationship with the manufacturer or distributor.

And - I am also looking for any new dopamine or norepinephrine agonist drugs that might be new to the market or are being tested right now.  I might add that the only drugs that have every fully worked for me have had the exact same three side affects.  They all 100% kicked in within a few hours of my taking them, the first change I sensed was the feeling of dryness in my nostrils which was closely followed by a feeling of alertness and then a loss of appetite.

I have already burned through over a dozen such drugs since the mid-1990's with the three best ones being desipramine; eldepryl aka selegiline aka Deprenyl ; and Provigil aka Modafinil - and they were the best three drugs as they allowed me to be not just be awake - which is all that adderall and all other stimulants (everyone one of which I have also now burned though ever does - but they also allowed me to be stay alert.  But now even the adderall is losing its effectiveness.

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