Saturday, July 16, 2011

Escape Carmageddon! Take a Historic Downtown Los Angeles Walking Tour! Our Sunday July 17th Tour - 'How Los Angeles Invented the Wild West!

Escape Carmageddon by fleeing east by car - or bike or take the subway Downtown for our Sunday July 17th walking tour from 11 AM - 1:30 PM.

The Last Bookstore's newest tour - 'How Los Angeles Invented The Wild West - will premiere this Sunday, July 17th, the weekend before next Saturday's  'National Day of the American Cowboy festivities.  This tour will then be repeated on both Saturday July 23rd and Sunday July 24th if you miss this special preview.
Our newest tour will feature the hidden Western history of Los Angeles and it will uncover LA's secret origins as the toughest cow town in the history of the Wild West long before the Wild West existed anywhere else - and long before Los Angeles invented the Western film.  

Learn what Wyatt Earp, Judge Roy Bean  (all the law West of the Pecos), Peg Leg Smith, Belle Star, Peg Leg Smith, the Dutchman of the Los Dutchman Mine, the Dalton Brothers, Liver-Eating Johnson, Death Valley Scotty and many, many other were all doing in Los Angeles.

And usual, this new walking tour will start at THE LAST BOOKSTORE at 453 S. Spring Street, at the corner of 5th Spring and each tour is still only $15 and you can reserve in advance by calling 213-804-8396.

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