Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tonight's The Night For the Edwardian Ball at Downtown LA's Historic Belasco Theater!

Tickets for TONIGHT'S EDWARDIAN BALL in Downtown Los Angeles's historic BELASCO THEATER can still be purchased on line!

                                                                                           Order Tickets!

The Los Angeles 2012 Line Up features
Edwardian Ball Creators & Co-Hosts
presenting an original staging of ”The Iron Tonic” by Edward Gorey
and of course… YOU!
Emcee’d by
Vegas E. Trip
LA Art Curation by Debi Cable
Kevin Rolly – photography (web)    Lilli Muller – body installation (web)
Raquel Lopez – fabric installation (facebook)    Gabe Leonard – artwork (web)
Sean Boones – live painting! (facebook)    Amy Kaps – performance art (web)
James Stewart – red art paintings (web)    Ashley Bowers – live painting, artwork (facebook)
Michael Pukac – live painting, artwork (web)    Gypsy – live painting, artwork (web)
Michael Stubbs – artwork (web)    Shira Loa – sculpture (web)
Joseph Fernandez – sculpture (facebook)    Nicole Fornier – photography (web)
David Haskel – sculpture (facebook)    Jason Sarrow – blacklight /crystal installation
Ryan Patterson – “Lets Play Dead” installation (website)    Chango – sculpture (facebook)
Debi Cable – artwork and installation (website)    Richard Wilks – big sculpture(website)

ANNOUNCING! Our 2012 Performers & Features!

Featuring… Edwardian Ball Creators & Co-Hosts
Performing an Original Presentation of Edward Gorey’s “The Iron Tonic”
And don’t miss…
NEW! Tours through the Museum of Wonders (The Edwardian Odditorium) (Both Nights)
NEW! Animated FLIP-BOOK Photo Booth (Both Nights)
Ballroom Dancing (Saturday Only!)
Barbary Midway Gaming (Friday Only!)
Vendor Bazaar & Piano Saloon (Both Nights)
And much more in store…!

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