Thursday, May 03, 2012

Huffington Post Column on May Day, Occupy LA and Historic Downtown Los Angeles

Brady Westwater


Occupy L.A. Meets Small Town Downtown Los Angeles on May Day

Posted: 05/03/12 12:42 PM ET

After an early morning with no emergency vehicle sirens or overhead helicopters, I realized I didn't know when or where the planned Occupy L.A. May Day demonstrations were taking place. So I walked up Spring past Broadway -- where the sidewalks were packed and the store were all open until I reached Hill and saw a few police and fire vehicles.
I then walked south on Hill until I saw more police cars and a couple jewelry stores that were beginning to take their stock out of their windows. But until I hit 7th, almost all the stores were still open and the sidewalks all crowded with shoppers. It was just another typical weekday morning in Historic Downtown LA -- with just one exception.

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