Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Narcissists Known As Occupy LA Target Art Walk To Get Their Faces on the 11 PM News THREE UPDATES!

The assholes known in DTLA as "Narcissists  Who Can't Stand It if Their Faces Are Not On the 11 PM News" (aka Occupy LA) decided to totally shut down the single busiest intersection and the single most dangerously overcrowded sidewalk at the height of Art Walk. They did this because they knew it would cause the most damage to Art Walk and it would guarantee the most the chaos  - and the best chance to get their faces on the 11 PM news.

Since no one cares about them anymore - they know they have to try and hijack someone else's event to get the TV cameras back on them.

The fact their actions were also guaranteed to to endanger the safety of those of us who actually live in the neighborhood - and the fact it would cause local businesses considerable loss of income they need in these tough financial times - is just an extra added benefit to them.

All they have ever accomplished in LA is to get their faces on the 11 PM news - and that's just fine with them - since as true narcissists, they are incapable of caring about any of the hardships they cause in the communities they infect.

UPDATE - I response to a question if police might be needed to deal with these lunatics - I explained they were only there BECAUSE they knew their illegal actions would force the police to arrest them"

That corner is already filled with police - that's why they chose it. The congestion is so bad they need the police to keep people safe from the cars. This is the same block where the baby girl was killed by a car earlier this year. That's why they choose it. They deliberately created a life endangering situation by forcing the crowds off of the sidewalk and into the traffic lanes, which forced the police to arrest them. It was all a set-up - for the 11 PM news.


Brigham Yen I was there and the Occupy LA group caused MORE damage and fucked everything up for everyone else. Then some asshole got up on top of a food truck and riled up the entire crowd. Then another asshole started tagging it up. Uncalled for and definitely lame as hell. If this kind of chaos continues we need to shut down art walk people.

THIRD UPDATE - This was my response to question of the motives of the Occupy LA people:  
 When they were at City Hall Park, they shop lifted from all the shops and stores around City Hall - figuring they had earned that right by they were doing. And only once or twice would any reporter ever cover that part of the story. And they drove a co-op of food growers out of the park when they privatized it for their own needs - but they felt the farmers suffering was OK - since it was for the greater glory of their movement. And tonight - they deliberately caused traffic congestion less than a block from where a baby was killed earlier this year and then forced the police - who are there SPECIFICALLY to make certain no one blocked traffic so that we can all be safe on Art Walk - to arrest them by refusing to stop blocking the sidewalks and the streets and endangering other people's lives. So, I stand by my statement. This are a bunch of spoiled, self-centered people whose main goal in life is to be... famous... by saving the common people through their inspired leadership.

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