Saturday, September 01, 2012

FYI Fest This Weekend Honors Downtown LA's Past, Present - And Future!

If you want to understand how the  Downtown Los Angeles Arts Communities have been able to take what was great about the 'Good Old Days' (when everything that mattered seemed to be 'underground' or 'edgy') while still expanding into more main stream programming - nothing better illustrates that than this weekend's FYF Fest.

Few other places can offer the musical variety that DTLA regularly has with weekly presentations at the Music Center and the Smell, Staples Center and the Mezz at the Alexandria, the Conga Room and the Last Bookstore and music series at the REDCAT and the line-up at the FYF Festival. 

And within the next 12 months - multiple new venues will be opening from The Regent Theater which will be run by Mitchell Frank at 5th & Main to a small comedy & music venue near 3rd & Los Angeles to several reopening theaters on Broadway to the new home of the Downtown Comedy Club - and many others  it is too early to talk about.

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