Sunday, October 28, 2012

Over 100,000 Books at Only One Dollar Each at THE LAST BOOKSTORE!

Today THE LAST BOOKSTORE at 5th & Spring in Downtown Los Angeles opens at 9 AM for the Sunday Historic Downtown LA Farmer’s Market also at 5th & Spring and stays open until 9 PM on all Sunday nights.  It opens at 10 AM on all other days and stays open until 11 PM on Friday, Saturday and Monday nights and 10 PM on all other nights. And besides the low priced books on the 10,000 foot ground floor - be sure and visit the upstairs… LABYRINTH - with it’s 100,000 books at only $1 each.    And besides the Sci-Fi Vault and the Haunted Vault in the first room - along with an aisle filled with one dollar cook books - the second room now has over 30 sections of carefully curated books.
In just the past week, over 100 books have arrived on Asia  - with many on India,  Judaic, all things English, early 20th Century European novels, business and economics (with over 1,000 books, psychology ( with over 1,000 books), literature & writing (over 1,000 books), and substantial additions have been made to the poetry, philosophy, sociology, Latin America/Mexico, (now over 300 books), folklore, gambling, France, Russia, Italy, Germany, woman’s sports, football, Socialism & Communism,  wood working, gardening, short story collections (over 300), ancient Greece & Rome, American history, biology, how-to-books, children’s books, young adult books, military history (over 700 books), chemistry, self-help, popular Russian novels, interior decorating, pets, physics, philosophy, natural history of all kinds, computers, knitting & needlepoint, law, medicine, Australia, theater, film, Africa, African American history & literature & popular novels, the Middle East, theology & religion  (also over 1,000 books), education, baseball, the history of sports,  and women in sports sections.

We have also added to our smaller but selective sections on  doll houses, chess, Christmas, snow sports, 19th Century books, anthropology, archeology, pre-Raphaelite artists, foreign languages, Scandinavian, Asian, Portuguese & Italian writers, plumbing, gay & lesbian novels & non-fiction, medieval history, Egypt, astrology, psychics, Central America & the Caribbean, and many, other subjects.

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