Saturday, April 27, 2013

Very Temporary Shakespeare, Middle English & Joseph Conrad (and Proust & Bronte) Installation in the One Dollar Section of The Last Bookstore!

Due to several recent acquisitions & donations, not only does the round floor main section of The Last Bookstore have an even better collection than usual of books about Shakespeare and his time sand the Middle English period of English Literature - but as long as the existing supply lasts there is a special section of the Labyrinth for just books (around 40 in total) about Shakespeare and the Middle English literature - plus a handful of books about the writings of Joesph Conrad.  AND - also books about Proust and all the Brontes.

This collection can be found starting this Saturday morning at 10:30 in the sec don room of books which you reach from the first room by going through the book tunnel and then - once you enter the second room - there are two bookcases on your right - across from the carousel of white books - the Shakespeare, Middle English books and handful of books about Joseph Conrad books are on the bottom three shelves of the second bookshelf.

And remember - they will only be there for as long as the existing supply lasts!  And if you have any questions,. I will be there until by 11 AM - 1 PM walking tour of Historic Downtown starts - tickets are $15 per person - and then I will be back around 1:30 PM for awhile and in and out for the rest of the weekend.

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