Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Yellow Jacket Wasps Secret Plan to Take Over the US! Are they the Real Terrorist Threat?

While US government agencies have long searched for terrorist cells run by humans, they have somehow missed not only the biggest threat to this country , but the biggest threat to all human existence.  For nearly a decade - hidden away in backwoods locations throughout the South....

.... yellow jacket wasps have secretly experimented with building - and finally perfecting -  massive hives  far larger than any man had ever seen.  Hives once the size of basketballs are now the size of Volkswagens.

Even more suspiciously, almost all of these hives have been found only after all of the wasps  mysteriously  abandoned their new super nests - such as the one pictured above that fills an entire 1955 Chevy.  The obvious conclusion is they are building these super nests - and then temporarily leaving them to build  more super nests  -  until they have built an entire a nationwide - and international - network of 'sleeper nests' they can  return to and re-populate overnight by installing hundreds of queens in each hive.

That explains why these nests - once found only in Alabama, and then in Mississippi - are now being discovered throughout the South -  including Florida - where the first video of a new super colony still being built - was just released - only hours ago.

And it can be no coincidence they built this hive in a private hunting preserve used by the area's richest and most powerful men since these men would have the resources to try and resist their impending attack.

Unfortunately, while the exterminator emptied this hive of its yellow jackets - the super hive still stands.  And it silently awaits its new set of queens.   And the millions of yellow jackets they will produce just before the entire network of super nests  releases billions of warrior yellow jackets worldwide in order to destroy all of mankind - forever.

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Rula of the Free World said...

Are we sure its not an alien landing pod?