Friday, May 09, 2014

Downtown LA's Last Bookstore $1 Room Now Has Non-Fiction - AND Fiction - Fully Organized!

When I first volunteered to organize some of the non-fiction books in the upstairs One Dollar Room in The Last Bookstore's famed Labyrinth, my goal was simply to help those in the community - students, residents in the SRO's and artists - who might be on limited incomes - be able to find books they needed to help improve their lives.   But - in time - I ended up organizing ALL the non-fiction into over 50 categories.
And - eventually - I started to alphabetize some of the fiction - and - once again - I got carried away.   So now - besides the books in installations - every non-fiction book is in one of 50 plus sections - and every novel not in an installation - is sorted by size and then by whether it's hardback or paperback - after which each of those four categories is fully alphabetized by author.

So stop by The Last Bookstore and see the NEW $1 Room at 453 S. Spring Street at 5th & Spring in the Spring Arts Tower and say hi. And if you are around at 10:30 AM this or any Saturday Morning - you can take my 2 Hour Walking Tour of Historic Downtown Los Angeles.

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