Monday, February 16, 2015

Tons of New $1 Books - Plus Whole New Sections - At The Last Bookstore in Downtown LA!

So many books are coming into The Last Bookstore from the  bookstore we  just bought - along with generous customer donations - that we now have 11 shelves of $1 memoirs, biographies, letters and diaries in the literary section - plus a 7 shelf section of $1 literary magazines  - along with 3 shelves of $1`books about books, book collecting and the book arts - which is right next to a shelf filled with odd ball reference books (right next to the $1 poetry section) that is quickly becoming a popular section.

Among the thousands of items we have just received this week- and just put out - are 50 $1 copies of Modern Painting Magazine from around 2006 until 2014,  30 more  Larry McMurtry $1 novels (with 12 different titles being represented in the 30 plus books) in  large and small paperback and hardcover edition and we just had four major donations of  serious theology - along with an exceptionally wide range of all aspects of religion - which has enabled us to open two temporary $1`sections - with one shelf just devoted to saints - to handle the overflow from our existing religious sections.

We have also been receiving a wide range of interest books and journals which we will soon be offering on a lot basis - at $1 for each item.  And I will be posting the first of them this afternoon.

And lastly - if you have not been to The Last Bookstore at 5th & Spring in Downtown Los Angeles lately - all the $1 non-fiction books have organized into 50 different sections and all the $1 fiction has been alphabetized by author and organized into small and large paperback and small and large hard cover sections .   And, of course we still have our color coded book wall section for designers, decorators and film & TV shoots.

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