Thursday, June 18, 2015

Even Before Projected El Nino Winter Rains - Colorado River Basin Spring Rains Will Cover California's 2015 & 2016 Minimum Allotment of Colorado River Water

In fact, with all but one of the states that take water out of the Colorado River having 100% or more of their normal May rainfall (California was the laggard at 70%), there is already enough water arriving in storage facilities to cover the minimum allotments of each state for 2015, 2016 - and even part of 2017 even without any additional rain.  And with the current tropical storm hitting Colorado and adjacent states...
This Thursday's map of June's continuing strong thunderstorms in the Great Basin  courtesy of The Weather Channel
...... June is looking to be another wet month.  But, so far, this is only short term good news since the water levels in all the river's storage facilities are still far below normal and the snow levels that normally feed the river during the spring and the summer, are also still below normal. 

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