Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My 92 Year Old Father Was Enjoying Lunch with His Wife ... Then Seconds Later... He Was Gone

My father on the right is in his 80's, then my kid sister, and I think I am about to hit 60 and I am holding a member of the 4th generation - my brother's grandson and my father's great grandson.

A year and a half-ago, my then just turned 91 year old father first easily passed his test to renew his driver's license and then received a perfect score on renewing his law license - a profession he had... finally...fully retired from.  And  he passed his examination the first time he had taken after having his education interrupted by five years in the army.   He was then asked the three trick verbal questions they sometimes  ask those who received a perfect score, and he got all three of them right.

And while his health did have a few bumps during the recent years, until a few months ago, he had always fully came back.  And when we were all walking together, even after he was 90, I was the only one in the next generation who keep up with him. But during the past few months, it was finally becoming apparent he was probably going to fully come back this time.

But I can not think of a better way for him - or anyone - to go than to be with the woman he deeply loved - and who deeply loved him - enjoying a warm summer day while they were having lunch together.  And  to then just... suddenly be free of  his earthly burdens - with no  knowledge of what was happening - and their then being able to fully enjoy their life together right up until those last seconds.they had with each other.

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