Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Los Angeles Unveils 3 Major Arts Events in 3 Weeks - 1 Visual, 1 Performing and 1 Musical & Performing

Los Angeles may not be the corporate headquarters it used to be - but it's more than making up for that by increasingly becoming a major center for all the arts - visual and performing and everything else.. And today - within days of the opening of the Broad Museum on Grand Avenue on Bunker Hill, the LA Philharmonic - right next door in Disney Hall and also on Grand Avenue on Bunker Hill  - has appointed Yuval Sharon - the founder and Artistic Director of the LA-based opera company - The Industry - as an Artist-Collaborator for a three-year residency beginning in Fall 2016. And this happened just days after the Broad Stage in Santa Monica brought a major new talent to LA by appointing Wiley Hausam at its new artistic director.

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