Friday, July 01, 2016

Killer Robots to Attack Downtown Los Angeles! Mass Evacuations Underway!

Yes, it has come to this cowboy’s attention that Downtown Los Angeles –  always in the forefront of everything that is new and exciting -  and never afraid of anything  the future has to offer – is about to be attacked by an advanced race of killer robots!  Killer robots controlled by a mysterious foreign power planning to attack DTLA - next week!

And we're not talking about movie props or friendly robots who want to make our lives better. These are real life killing machines designed to do one thing - and one thing only; totally destroy  everything in their paths.  And next week - their path is in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.  And once they are done  –  Downtown will never be the same. 

So I'll keep you informed of the attack when  and it starts I'll also keep everyone informed of the latest evacuation orders

HOWEVER  -  if you should be attending either of this weekend's waking tours of  DTLA - we might be passing... very near... ground zero of the invasion.

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