Saturday, June 05, 2004

The Last Of Perino's

In today's LAT, Bob Pool covers the impending demolition of the historic Wilshire eatery, Perino's - the site of so much of Los Angeles's social and political history. He also details the efforts by the developers to save many of the Paul Williams designed building's architectural details for re-use both on and off-site.

What is not discussed is that in many other cities - San Diego and San Francisco to name just two - buildings of historic value are far more often moved to new locations - including structures that are far larger and more difficult to move such as large, unreinforced brick warehouses.

There precedents demonstrate that there is no reason why an elegant structure of Perino's compact size can not be moved to another commercial site before its scheduled August demolition.

What would, however, would make this far easier to do is if Los Angeles had a revolving trust to buy, move and restore historic structures - like many other cities do. The buildings are then protected with easements and re-sold, with the funds then used to buy, move and restore another building.

I can think of few things that would have a more beneficial impact on the quality of life in LA than the establishment of this kind of civic institution.

Does anyone know the phone number of the Getty Trust? Or Eli Broad?

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Anonymous said...

Where is the Conservancy on these issues? As along time member, it infuriates me that they so rarely get involved in ayything but high profile projects.