Thursday, February 09, 2006


That's what a tipster tells me!

To all Getty Staff: I wanted to let you know before we send out our news release that the Board of Trustees of the J. Paul Getty Trust will announce today that Dr. Barry Munitz, president and CEO for the past eight years, has decided to resign, effective immediately. He indicated that he made this decision after lengthy consideration so both the Getty and he can move forward. THANK GOD!!!!(I feel like singing a round of "Ding dong the witch is dead...")
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Anonymous said...

LOL....actually, I'm a laggard. is where I first saw the scoop, which in turn picked it up from I think the LA Times, in terms of timing, is wedged somewhere between the two---its web site has the story up in headlines.

But thanks, Brady, for being one of the few sites on the web that's followed this story from the beginning. I just hope Barry Munitz hasn't damaged the Getty beyond what's already been reported, and that his successor won't be as inept and harmful as he was.

Brady Westwater said...

I saw your comment when I ran in for justa second from the Gallery Row Art Walk, did post, and then saw FIVE much earlier estatic e-mails from my inside Getty sources.

That's what I get for reading e-mails in reverse order...

Anonymous said...

This sentence in the LA Times article says it all about why I've regarded Barry Munitz's helm at one of the city's most important cultural institutions to be a total joke and a simmering headache:

...Munitz also spent long stretches away from the Getty. In his absence, he delegated much of the day-to-day management to his chief of staff, Jill Murphy, a former waitress whom Munitz met at a Sacramento restaurant.

Now I'm aware that competent, talented people can rise from humble beginnings. But come on now. There weren't other people a tad bit---just a tad bit---more qualified to have filled the same job given to Jill Murphy? However, I guess I should be relieved in assuming she at least wasn't brought along for the ride because she actually was, say, the boss' mistress.