Saturday, February 11, 2006

Speaking of Corrections --

When one considers that the Los Angeles Times has yet to correct Mike Davis' lie about the San Francisco housing market, the fabricated quotes in the LA Times Magazine article on Wyatt Earp and their getting every possible fact wrong in the Katrina/San Francisco earthquake editorial - plus the hundred other blatant but still uncorrected factual errors of just the past year - I am always amused at the minor details that the Times does see fit to correct...

Reiner novel — An item in the Words listings in Thursday's Calendar Weekend previewing a book reading by Carl Reiner at the Skirball Cultural Center on Feb. 16 misspelled the title of Reiner's latest novel. It is "NNNNN," not "NNNN."

Ganesha High — The two photographs that ran with the article on Pomona's Ganesha High School in Friday's California section were portraits of students taken after class, not during a class presentation as the captions stated.

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