Friday, March 31, 2006

How To Buy A Million Dollar Home For $100 - And NO Credit! Read All About It In - Your Los Angeles Times!

You know those sleazy ads written to look like newspapers articles (which have 'advertisement' written in tiny letters at the top) - in downscale tabloids and magazines - on how to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in real estate with no money and no credit - and no work?

Well - now you can find those ads in the Business Section of the Los Angeles Times!

And - increasingly - they may be the ONLY ads you will find in the LA Times - other than ads advertising... The LA Times.

For example - in yesterday's (Thursday March 30, 2006) Business Section, there were only THREE ads from regular advertisers compared to FIVE LA Times ads - advertising... The LA Times.

Now with dozens business magazines and the LA Business Journal filled with ads - why is no one willing to advertise in the LA Times Business Section?

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