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New York Times Can't Tell Difference Between Hollywood - And Downtown Los Angeles!

March 6, 2006

Fashion Diary

For Designers, an Image-Making Bonanza That Is Priceless


The roof of the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum, several stories above the limo drop-off on Hollywood Boulevard, probably offers the best possible view of what Isaac Mizrahi on Sunday night called "the glamour vortex of the world." From that perch, the vista was of a 500-foot-long red carpet packed densely with celebrity caviar, and also a long view on the annual apotheosis of product placement, freebie-hustling and surface obsession that is the Oscars.

Anybody who has ever been in downtown Los Angeles on Oscar day knows how easy it is to walk three blocks in any direction from the Kodak Theater and escape Hollywood's glamorous pull....

It is one thing for a reporter who has clearly never been west of 7th Avenue in his life to get where... Downtown Los Angeles is... wrong by about ten miles but I wonder how many editors read this bone head error before it got published.

And that reporter also is clearly incapable of walking three blocks or he would have been in the hills above the Kodak Theater where the glamour of Hollywood is alive and well with million dollar plus homes with sweeping views, the Magic Castle, and the Yamashiro Skyroom. But don't hold your breath for any correction. The New York Times stopped correcting its Los Angeles errors a long time ago.


The writer also states that the Ripley's museum is 'several stories' high. But as the below linked photo shows - it is only one story high - not the three or four or more that several stories implies. Error number three.

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