Thursday, June 22, 2006

First Grand Avenue Park Public Meeting!

Yesterday was the first of three meetings devoted only to a discussion of the planning of the 16 acre Grand Avenue Park. Just a brief note for right now as I have to trot over and present a horse to the LAPD's mounted division on behalf of the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council at 10 AM on the steps of City Hall.

The biggest surprise for the Related and Grand Avenue teams was that developing bridges and plazas to connect the three parts of the park that are now seperated by streets was the easily the most popular of the real options (other than lawns, shady places and other non-controversial items).

More later.

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Tim said...

The main purpose of the meeting seemed to be to deliver the sub-text message that there is not nearly enough money to do it right. Well, we all knew this a long time ago.

I think they should spend the money at the bottom of the park and leave the upper stretches for later, after the County buildings are gone and there are more residents in the area. And I hate the way it is now, an arrogant left-over from the days of auto-dominance and sidewalk hating architecture.

There was a lot of support for the idea of bridging over all the streets to make one big park. Irony of irony, that's how part of it was before the hill was removed. Putting those streets below grade would help make the park more than an afterthought. It could become a functional park with room to move around and stretch out without waiting for the signal to change to walk.

Hey, where was Marty Kaplin? I missed most of the day because I have a business to run. I guess you have to be retired to participate.