Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mountain Lion - Or Just A Really Big Bob Cat?

From LAOBSERVED this morning:

Chaparral notes
Email going around the Hollywood Hills:
A neighbor on Upper Outpost had his small dog taken by a mountain lion yesterday morning - ran off to Runyon (which we border up here). Please make sure your stakeholders and neighbors up in the hills are aware that there is at least one mountain lion and several bob cats up here in addition to the coyotes.


Anastasia Mann

Now since no mountain lion has been spoted in the Hollywood Hills for many decades that I can recall... could this have been a large bob cat? An escaped 'pet'? Or did one make it there all the way from Malibu - which is the nearest location that I know any have been spotted.


Anonymous said...

large cat spotted in runyon canyon 8-1-06, near farm house

Anonymous said...

A bigger cat appearing like a bobcat having a light brown color and ring-colored tail spotted twice in my garden in the hollywood hills, once at twilight, then two days later at noon. Then disappeared in the hills and bushes.