Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dean Baquet To Remain Editor Of LA Times!

LAOBSERVED reports that LA Times Editor Dean Baquet and new Los Angeles Times publisher David Hiller sniffed each other's butts over coffee this morning, liked what they smelled and agreed to work together:

Baquet staying

Times editor Dean Baquet told an editors meeting at 11:30 that he can work with new publisher David Hiller. Baquet had coffee with Hiller this morning and apparently was told to make his strongest case for the Times fending off deep newsroom cuts. Hiller is expected to address editors this afternoon.

But can Andrés Martinez work with Hiller? I've no reason to think not, but the publisher of the Los Angeles Times directly oversees the editorial and op-ed page editor. It was Johnson who encouraged Michael Kinsley to leave, installed Martinez and signed-off on (or more) the removal of longtime columnist Robert Scheer and reinvention of the editorial page and the Current section.

Check it out: Mark Lacter has background on Hiller at LA Biz Observed.

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