Thursday, October 05, 2006

Suck.Com Comes To LATimes.Com!

Tim Cavanaugh most recently of REASON, but most noteworthy for his tenure at the pioneering (1995 - 2001) , fabled and never since equaled media site of - is now running the opinion section of the LA Time's website. This was reported today by FishBowlLA, one of the few worthy successors to the old Suck.

Tim was, for those not old enough to recall the early days of original online (and hopefully... advertiser supported) free content, was the infamous ... BarTel D'Arcy... before he left for Reason. Once there, he then shamelessly purloined Suck's 'Hit and Run' feature for only slightly less evil purposes.

And despite Suck's occasional and thoroughly misguided comments about my personalty and writing qualities - which I am certain were, of course, only meant in the most ironic of ways.... its wit and intelligence and irreverance - which can still be read courtsey of GOOGLE - is as fresh today as it was back in the days of the first internet boom.

Now if the Times can only get former Suck illustrator and artist extraordinaire - Terry Colon- to come onboard - profitable advertiser supported free on-line content might no longer be an oxymoron.

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