Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It's Official! Cockroach Kills Cat!

The people I talked with at the Times earlier today told me the cockroach was resurrected, but I didn't know until I got back to the office and read LAO that Healthcliff lost all nine lives as a result.

Now we need to find which two strips to kill to return both Candorville and Mallard Fillmore to the line-up.

The first - and most obvious choice is the truly horrible, horrible new addition - Lio - which is too stupid to live - even without it being the cause of the two far better strip's deaths.

For the second choice - is there anyone under 90 who reads Rex Morgan?

I didn't think so.

Off with his head!

Times relents on La Cucaracha
Kevin Roderick

That was fast: the Lalo Alcaraz comic strip that was killed yesterday will be back tomorrow by popular demand. Flip side: the dog cat gets it. A blurb on the Times website:

"La Cucaracha," one of several comics dropped this week as part of a shift in The Times' daily and Sunday print edition feature lineup, is returning to The Times' daily comics pages starting Wednesday. We decided to bring it back after hearing from so many of our readers who follow the comic strip loyally. "La Cucaracha" will return to our Sunday pages starting March 25.

To make room for the change, "Healthcliff" is being dropped Monday through Saturday along with "Mallard Fillmore," "Candorville" and "Mr. Boffo."

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