Monday, March 19, 2007

New York Times Claims Los Angeles Fashion Week Doesn't Exist!

While looking for the New York Times reviews of the fashion shows presented in Los Angeles during the past... four days.... (five of which were either jump started by or fully run by four of us on the Downtown Los Angles Neighborhood Council)I was surprised to find no mention of them. And then I found the article that explained why.

They never happened.

Nor will this weeks shows happen since - according to the New York Times - once the last model walked down the last runway in New York - that was the end of the fall runway season.

March 15, 2007
A Wrap-Up of Fall: Reasons to Rejoice

WHEN the fall runway season ended, a week ago Sunday, there seemed more to consider than to sweep aside. Rare was the first-tier show that clanged like an empty pot — and you wouldn't have said that six months ago, when designers conjured up a cross between a Star Trek groupie and an Elvis impersonator. (See Steven Meisel's spread in February Italian Vogue for details.)

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dgarzila said...


and that is the reason the New York Times is a home Town Paper.

How much coverage was mad in the LA Times to the Fashion Shows in actual Los Angeles Last Week?

The New York Times is so loyal to new york , they claim fashion week didn't happen in Los Angeles.

Now that is a home town paper.