Thursday, June 07, 2007

Andres Martinez Stays An Angelino!

After his recent... self-defenestration... from the LA Times Editorial page, Andres Martinez is taking a job with preferred home away home for current and former Timesmen, NEW AMERICA. The good news is this keeps a one of the brightest writers in writing today... writing in LA. From LAOBSERVED:

... New America is becoming a landing spot for ex-Timesers. Rick Wartzman signed on with the Op-Ed generating foundation after leaving as editor of West magazine. Joel Kotkin, at one time a contributing editor for Opinion, is (was, I'm told) another senior fellow. Former LAT political writer Dave Lesher used to run New America's California program. His replacement, Gregory Rodriguez, is a Times Op-Ed columnist who got the column gig when Martinez was in charge. Rodriguez's email to the other fellows:

Dear California Fellows,

I’m very pleased to announce that Andrés Martinez, the former editorial page editor for the Los Angeles Times, has agreed to join us as an Irvine Senior Fellow. He will be based in Santa Monica and focus his writing on how global interdependence affects the daily lives of Californians. He’ll be exploring the disconnect between attitudes toward globalization and its reality on the ground and asking whether politicians and the media sufficiently understand California’s place in the global economy.

As many of you know, Andrés is a tremendous writer with the rare ability to take even the most esoteric topic and place it in a new, engaging light. His writing is smart, thoughtful and embodies New America’s dedication to solution-oriented thinking.

His start date is July 1....Please join me in welcoming Andrés to the team. We’re lucky to have him.

Gregory Rodriguez
Director, California Fellows Program
New America Foundation

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