Friday, June 08, 2007

LA COWBOY Three Years Old!

But, my friends say, I still don't look a day over... two.

Must be all that clean cowboy living....


Ed Padgett said...

Congratulations Brady,

Many users think they want to be a blogger, until they see how much effort is required, and they pack up and close down. But you're still going, and my hats off to you.

Have a wonderful day

Anonymous said...

Not sure where to put this but it needs doing......

Why So Mean?
Hearing the helicopters over- head friday morning we were worried there might be a fire, but as it turned out it was the media frenzy hovering over Paris Hilton's house and it made me think how ridiculous we have become.
People all around seem overjoyed she is getting her come-uppance but what I see is a bunch of oversized pirhana's attacking a young women in the meanest fashion. People don't seem to realize this woman's job is to be Paris Hilton, a marquee more than anything else. She is very busy and works for a living that is simply a bit more rarefied than what most of us find ourselves anchored to. It takes its toll too.
The photo of her breaking down and crying in the police car says it all. Now are we happy? Is this what we want for justice? Are we safe now she is in Twin Towers in the hands of strangers?
We, America have succeeded in making a young women cry over a horror story of errors generated by our local criminal justice system. And then we gloat at her humiliation? Why?
Why are we becoming so mean?
As a practical matter why don't LA courts have a specialist who sits down with anyone convicted to explain the sentence in detail, what probation really means, what they can and cannot do? You really should not be expected to pay a lawyer to do this for you. We as a county have responsibilities too.
I really belive she just didn't know what she had gotten into and how to focus on it and nobody was responsible enough to tell her. Because of this amazing clumsyness of our own criminal justice system we have made a horrible mess of this person's life.