Friday, September 07, 2007

Filming In Downtown LA - Part 354

Between once having been and about to again be a working member of the film community - but also being a person who lives, works - and sleeps - downtown, I find myself on both sides of the filming on Downtown issue. We need Hollywood to stay in Hollywood but we also need people to be able to live - and sleep - in downtown.

Sometimes, though, this serious issue can also be a bit... amusing.

For example, after rolling out of the bunk house #3 at the fashionable hour of 10 AM, I made my way to Cowboy Central - otherwise known as my office and discovered a filming notice taped to my front door.

It described what would be occurring in the hallway below mine:


OK - nothing odd there.

Just another day at the office.

Or at least this cowboy's office, except on my wrestling mat - there's nothing stunt about the fighting, or the blood for that matter...

The amusing part is this:

We plan to decorate the alley & parking lot with many picture vehicles to facilitate the scene.

Further reading, made it clear that having production vehicles parked in every single parking space around the building is now called - decorating the alley and the parking lot.

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