Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm... Back! Or... At Least I am Visiting....

Actually, I’ve been more or less functioning – at least part time for a little over a week since my early July dopamine crash which lasted well over a full month, including most of August during which time I essentially ceased to exist.

But first, before going into all the gory details in later posts, I would like to thank everyone who has sent me their best wishes and those have have assisted – and one person in particular downtown – during the recent unpleasantness. And, most of all I would like to thank three wonderful ladies - ladies in every sense of the word, to coin a cliche - all of whom deserve far more than this old cowboy can ever give them. But he will keep trying, anyway.

Second, it was a shock to suddenly resume being aware of an outside world after not reading 5 to 7 daily newspapers, another dozen weeklies, far more magazines – and countless websites and blogs. I also have a few thousand unanswered emails I will be needing to get to…

Third and last - for the moment - I was really surprised by how many major events happened during my absence – such the virtual defenestration of Kevin Roderick over at LA OBSERVED by Veronique de Turenne.

Now I know over at LAO it says Kevin is just on ‘vacation’ and he will be returning on Monday.

Yeah, right.

I think that's just a clever ploy by Veronique since she knows the trail will go cold by the time the police start looking for Kevin's body... which I predict will be found many years from now hidden... under a cement cistern overlooking Malibu Road.


Anonymous said...

Laurel Canyon Blows Up!
Speaking of Dopamine, in the middle of wensday night, in the middle of Laurel Canyon i was abruptly woken up by brilliant explosions right out my window down in the canyon street. One, two, three, four, full flashes lit up my living room followed with long roaring concussive blasts that echoed throughout the canyon like thunder. As I shooed my pets into the back of the house, two more deep thundering blasts lit up my kitchen. I could have sworn we were under attack. First I thought terrorists were storming up the canyon, then I thought maybe just a local madman with an awfully big shot gun shooting at the electrical transformers but it was way too loud and powerful. I really didn't know what to think and all the power was earily out and we were on our own. I was afraid if it were a madman they might come up the hill, so we all crouched motionless in the back. This was all occuring directly below my house. I thought of what it must be to be in Iraq and how it felt to think people wanted to hurt you with these kinds of vicious explosions. Then it grew totally quiet, for a long, long time. Finally I heard some sirens, a helicopter, work trucks, generators, wenches and the talking and yelling of work crews. But for nearly twenty minutes absolutely nothing happened as we waited. When I left the house in the morning there were two power crews with some very serious good ole boys high up two power poles stringing new green wires who seemed to know exactly what they were doing. I thanked them and one said "Ok buddy" just like I was in a totally different city. Who would have thought? I remember that a newly built house had started turning on a lot, and i mean a lot, of bright tree skimming outdoor window lights that seemed an extreme amount, to where I wondered what their electric bill must be and who was going to pay it. But it shows how reactive our environment, natural or man-made is, to our own actions as I watched Laurel Canyon blowing up right before my eyes. This is no eggageration to the cynics among you. The power stored and moving among those power lines is huge!!

Ed Padgett said...

Welcome back Brady, I missed you.