Monday, December 31, 2007

And My Most Popular Post Of 2007 Was....

... Mr. Cowboy's Great Adventure!

And it was no contest.

Even though only one person was brave (foolish?) enough to post a response, I got hundreds - and yes, I mean hundreds of responses by phone, email, IM's, shouts out from passing cars, etc. - and you name it about Mr. Cowboy.

Even now, rarely does more than a day or two go by without someone mentioning the post - or inquiring about Mr. Cowboy and his health. Well, Mr. Cowboy is doing just fine, and he thanks all his many fans for their continued interest in his activities.

For awhile, though, the recent relocation of Cowboy Central from the 7th to the 10th floor of the Spring Arts Tower did leave the little cowpoke somewhat... crest fallen. He was unhappy to be deprived of all the lovely young production staff of the Magic Elves - particularly those involved with PROJECT RUNWAY.

But as we were setting up our new office, Mr. Cowboy discovered only twenty feet across the air shaft from us were two photographers who endlessly photograph beautiful young models wearing very little clothing

Mr. Cowboy is now very happy with his new office.

Our little cowhand has also been on a lot better behavior since the... quite unfortunate... incident at our gym mentioned in the above linked post. And the one recent... problem... of ours was not his fault, for once.

My old - and only - swim suit was getting a bit loose around my waist to the point it was starting to slip off, so I grabbed one of my wrestling trunks before heading to the gym. And they seemed a perfect fit. Alas, when I wore them in the shower before I hit the pool, there was a minor... glitch.

Checking the mirror before heading out to the pool area, I discovered when wet this particular fabric didn't just... cling... to Mr. Cowboy, but it completely shrink wrapped every single inch of him. Even worse, both of his two closest friends were each equally well wrapped in a rather unfortunate shade of Myer lemon yellow.

We skipped our swim that day.

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