Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Has Craby Joe's Gone To Davy Jones's Locker?

Evidently, yes. I've been told that the depression era - and I recall hearing it opened right after prohibition ended - dive bar that everyone loved to hate - or hated to love - or... whatever.... closed for good on Christmas Eve. All the liquor was drunk up by and, supposedly, the sign was up for sale.

Now while this former Bukowski hangout was beloved by many of the regulars - others in the neighborhood lamented the drug dealers who too often infested the sidewalk in front of the bar, particularly after the main haunt... L & R Clothing(where Leroy sold 'clothes' out of a darkened store through a small sliding window all night long before he was arrested a second time) was shuttered by the police. But at least they still have their 'hamburger' stand....

Now I had heard from a police source that a sale was in the works - one step ahead of the DA's next action - and I also know Cedd Moses has long had designs on the place. So - hopefully - a good steward will soon reopen the place to keep some nighttime street life going(of the non-drug dealing type, for a change) at the corner of 7th and Main.

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