Thursday, November 13, 2008

Los Angeles Listed As One Of Seven Great Contemporary Design Cities Of Past 150 Years!

The Istanbul Modern and the London Design Museums have selected 7 cities to tell the story of modern design (starting with London's Great Exhibition in 1851) - by focusing on each city at it's cultural peak. And Los Angeles was chosen as one of the cities and it's peak year is - 1949 - no doubt due to Charles and Ray Eames' multiple ground breaking design achievements during that period.

The above link has a few other links at the bottom left hand of the linked to page (though today it moved to the upper right hand corner) - but there do not seem to be many photos on the site. A catalog however has been printed and while the show does not appear to be touring after it closes in London - but maybe local venue might step up and off it a home.

05 September – 04 January 2009

"From Morris to Muji, 150 years of (the good bits of) design are here" - Architects Journal

Design Cities tells the story of contemporary design through seven key cities at their creative height: London (1851), Vienna (1908), Dessau (1928), Paris (1936), Los Angeles (1949), Milan (1957), Tokyo (1987) and London (2008).

The exhibition features a full range of objects from textiles and fashion to industrial pieces, furniture and prints. It includes design classics such as chairs by Charles and Ray Eames, as well as work by a spectrum of designers that together evoke an impacting impression of their era. Key exhibits include work by William Morris, Christopher Dresser, Adolf Loos, Marcel Breuer, Le Corbusier, Eileen Gray, Achille Castiglioni, Issey Miyake, Zaha Hadid and Ron Arad.

Late night openings Friday 31 October and Friday 5 December until 10pm.

Your Design City
The Design Museum has partnered with Flickr and Don’t Panic to invite you share your photography on the theme of Design Cities.

Your work could be featured in an exhibition at the Design Museum in January 2009 and one entry will be made into 80,000 specially-commissioned Don’t Panic Posters.To submit your photograph, add it to the Design Cities group on Flickr before 1 December 2008.

Find out more at

Design Cities has been organised by the Design Museum, London in association with Istanbul Modern and is curated by Design Museum Director Deyan Sudjic. The exhibition originally opened at Istanbul Modern, Turkey from 23 April until 10 August 2008.

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