Monday, July 20, 2009

Join The Broadway Walk! And Fashion Walk, Too!

Broadway Walk Call for Projects!

If you are interested in Downtown – or Broadway – or both - or if you are involved in the performing or visual arts - you don’t need to read the article linked to above (and below) to know how the Art Walk has totally changed Main and Spring (but read it any way).

What you do NOT know, though – is that it’s now Broadway’s turn to have its own walk. But rather than just visual arts – beginning on August 20th – on the THIRD Thursday of the money – the week after second Thursday Art Walk – Broadway will showcase ALL of the arts each third Thursday of the month.

And just like Art Walk started with only a handful of pioneers – we are looking a dozen cultural organizations and about that many individuals willing to perform or exhibit in vacant storefronts, in restaurants, on vacant upper floors of buildings, on sidewalks - – or … possibly… maybe even in a theater – or its lobby.

That same night we will also be holding our first Fashion Walk, on Main and Spring - and on Broadway, too - with over twenty boutiques being open - plus special events. So feel free to come to both events dressed as your real, your fantasy or your forbidden selves.

So – if there is anything you'd like to do on Broadway – or anyone you think we should be talking to – let us know.

August 20th, 2009 will go down as the date Broadway nightlife – finally - first came back to life.

And how often are you given a chance to create history?

Brady Westwater


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kara said...

LA being a broken city is a part of it's charm and one of the reasons I love. It's a little lost and there's a certain comfort in that. But more going on downtown is always brilliant. Downtown is such a fantastic source of energy for me and it's a treat to see more going on.
I'd like to see more active events to better ourselves going on...rooftop yoga! roller skating down Broadway! It could be refreshing...