Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weird - Even Scary - G-Mail Experience.

I just sent an email and mentioned I have been hit by a bad case of my mold fungus allergy. Then when I sent it - rather than the screen going back to g-mail - it came back to a company that removed... mold fungus.

Scary, huh? Anyone else ever have that experience?


Have you seen my dancing shoes? said...

Ahh! relevant advertising. I'm sure somehow you clicked on an ad on the sidebar of your email.

49erDweet said...

Welcome to the world of Google. You have seen the future and it will only become more obtrusive. I've learned to simply ignore everything surrounding my mail and by that means have established some type temporary truce. Good luck with your Google adventure.

Btw, just stumbled on your site while attempting to locate a SoCal transport museum that might have preserved any of the pre-war (II) non-red line street cars. Used to ride the Vermont Avenue line downtown to school every day in the late '30's.

Brady Westwater said...

First, Dancing Shoes - I don't THINK I did that, but I can't be 100% positive. But that would explain that.

Second, 49erDweet - I assume you have checked with the people out at Perris and Travel Town already - and - any luck there? I will post that request one on of my local history list-servs and see if I get any response.

49erDweet said...

Brady, hadn't but will. The Orange Empire web site from Perris looks promising. But Perris? [I'm Hemet, class of '49]