Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Still No Word On Search For Ed Rosenthal

There is a full search for missing Downtown real estate agent, community builder and poet Ed Rosenthal l going on today in Johusa Tree National Park and while many articles have been written about all his has down for Downtown. no one has yet mentioned - much less printed - the poem he wrote to help Tom Gilmore get an extension on his purchase of  the bulk of the Old Bank District which started the Downtown revival.  I can't find my copy of the whole poem, but I did find this excerpt:

I'm sorry to say/That Gilmore can't pay/For the extension requested today/
But if you take my advice/You'll stay by his side/As he shifts to Downtown overdrive

And here is the first part of the Downtown News story linked to above and the rest of the story is at the Downtown News website:

Search Effort for Downtown ‘Poet-Broker’ Triples

Ed Rosenthal has been missing in Joshua Tree since Friday. Photo by Gary Leonard.

Ed Rosenthal Missing in Joshua Tree Since Friday

by, Katie Schaufelberger
Published: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 12:22 PM PDT
DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES - Park rangers and rescue teams today vastly increased their search in Joshua Tree National Park for veteran Downtown real estate agent Ed Rosenthal. The 64-year-old known to many as the “poet-broker” has been missing since Friday, when he went hiking near Black Rock Campground.

Rosenthal told other campers he planned to go out for a day hike on his own. When he didn’t return, they reported him missing. Park staff were informed on Sunday and launched a search that day.

Joe Zarki, a spokesman for the park, said the search effort tripled in size today, with 55 people, most from the San Bernardino County Search and Rescue team, now combing the wilderness south of the campground. A helicopter is also canvassing the park.

(reminder of story at above link)

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Anonymous said...

come back safe Ed! - there's lot's more poetry to write!