Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ed Rosenthal Found Alive! Plus Update!

(Updating the below story, the LA TImes reports that Ed was conscious and talking with the rescue team when he was found this morning.)

It's a miracle.  After a week alone in the dessert Ed Rosenthal was just found alive and airlifted to a hospital.
Here is the opening of the story at blogdowntown and the rest of the story is at the above link:

Downtown's Poet-Broker has been found alive nearly a week after he failed to return from a day-hike in Joshua Tree National Park.
Ed Rosenthal was airlifted to a local hospital and is reported to be in critical condition.
Friend Jack Skelley posted the news on Rosenthal's Facebook page late this morning.
Ed has been found! He is alive! In critical condition. We just heard from his wife Nicole. They are taking him to hospital. Please keep praying....more info later...
The Desert Sun is also reporting Rosenthal's rescue, saying that he was located in the East Wide Canyon area. The paper quotes a park spokesman as saying that Rosenthal was conscious and talking with rescuers, but has "some injuries and some exposure issues."
(more at above link)

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